• Materials, Processes & Integration
Metallization for advanced interconnects: local interconnects, contacts, metal gates, through silicon vias, power semiconductors
Dielectrics: porous ULK, hybrid materials, pore sealing & stuffing, MOF, patterning, cleaning, restoration, surface functionalization
Metal or dielectric liners and diffusion barriers: etch-stop, capping
Deposition: PVD, CVD, ALD, ELD, ECD, SAMs, reflow, e-beam
Patterning processes and integration: double & triple patterning, advanced etching techniques, Atomic Layer Etching (ALE)
Planarization: CMP, slurry, pad, anti-corrosion methods
Device integration and novel architectures: local interconnects
Silicides and germanides
Contacts to III-V materials: CMOS, power, LED, Laser, photonics applications
Materials for memories and memristive devices
1D and 2D Nanomaterials: graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, nanodots
2D & 3D Packaging materials and technologies

  • Advanced Characterization and Modeling techniques
Analytical techniques: defect inspection, X-ray/electron tomography, spectroscopy, microscopy, scanning probe methods, atom probe tomography, correlative methods
Reliability and failure analysis: lifetime extrapolation methodologies, chip-package interaction (CPI)
Modeling and simulation of process steps: equipment, interconnect systems, materials properties, nanoscale devices, reliability

  • Applications including nanoscale
3D integration: COW, WOW, thinning, bonding, TSV, micro-bumps
System-on-chip and system-in-package
Memories devices: MRAM, FeRAM, CBRAM, PCRAM, ReRAM
Quantum Devices
Power Electronics / IGBTs and materials / interconnects for GaN & SiC
MEMS/NEMS: sensors and actuators